Avoid these common mistakes the next time you hit the grocery store. You’ll increase your grocery shopping IQ, save money and give your waistline a break.

Shop savvy: are you making these 3 common grocery store blunders?

Grocery shopping is simple — or is it? In fact, grocery shopping is only healthy for your body and your wallet if you are a conscientious shopper.

Blunder #1: Getting hungry

The biggest grocery shopping mistake you can make for both your health and your pocketbook is seemingly small: shopping while hungry.

  • It can be tempting to head to the grocery store when your stomach starts to rumble. After all, there’s food there, but shopping on an empty stomach is the number one way that grocery shoppers succumb to expensive, calorie-heavy foods.
  • Those impulse buys can drain your finances and cause the numbers on the scale to soar.
  • Instead of shopping while hungry, eat a small snack before heading in to the store. Your wallet and your waistline will thank you.

Blunder #2: Giving in

Grocery store displays are designed to keep shoppers salivating and piling groceries into the cart.

In fact, everything from the way the aisles are laid out to the numbers on the price tags areengineered to create the ultimate environment for mindless shopping.

  • You can resist even the most seductive marketing trick with a simple solution of your own: an iron-clad grocery list.
  • Decide what you want before you enter the store and resolve not to deviate from your list, regardless of how tempting those impulse buys may seem.

Blunder #3: Going inside

Do you spend lots of time on the aisles at the very centre of the store? Bad idea: that’s where grocery stores stock the most calorie- and sodium-heavy pre-packaged foods.

  • Give your body a break and up the healthiness factor of your next grocery trip by sticking to the perimeter of the store.
  • That’s where you’ll find fresh items like dairy products, produce and less-processed foods.
  • Shopping the perimeter can save you a bit of time and money, too.
  • Here’s a big bonus: when you shop the perimeter, you’ll never be tempted by chips, candy and the store’s saltiest and sweetest items.

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