pumpkin pie tips and ideas

Who doesn’t like pumpkin pie? It’s basically one of the best things there is about fall! Whether you bake yours with fresh, from-the-fields pumpkins or with canned pumpkins, chances are no one will ever decline a slice.

But it’s mid-November now: You probably (or not, who are we to judge?) had your fill of pumpkin pie by now. Admit it, you’ve been indulging in pies, soups and lattés more than you should have, haven’t you! In that case, here’s some undoubtedly much-needed inspiration to use up all that leftover pumpkin while bringing some variety to the table.

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7 variations on pumpkin pie

Replace the pumpkin

Sounds dramatic, right? What’s a pumpkin pie without… well, pumpkin? Trust us on this one. For a richer and denser texture, replace the pumpkin in your recipe with kabocha squash. Feeling conservative? Try replacing only half of the pumpkin with the squash—the resulting pie will be thicker than usual and more tastefully complex!

Add chocolate or caramel

Once your pumpkin (or kabocha squash) mix is poured into the pie, just drop some chocolate or caramel chips on top of your pie to make your dessert decadently delicious.

Replace the crust

Whether you make your own or use a store-bought one, there’s always a way to improve a pie crust. Add a taste of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves to your pumpkin pie by using gingerbread mix for your crust. Crushed gingersnaps can do, if you’re into something a little bit sweeter.

Add bourbon

Bourbon plays very well into a pumpkin pie recipe as it compliments wonderfully the richness of the pumpkin. Just add 1/3 cup to the pie’s filling, mix until homogenous, pour into the pie crust and bake. Serve with whipped cream.

Add apple butter

Give your pie a fruitier, more acidic edge to sharpen its taste by adding apple butter to the mix! Incorporate as little or as much as you want in the filling for a truly autumnal dessert. Here’s how to make apple butter, in case you were wondering.

Make it spicier

To give your pumpkin pie the perfect spicy twist, mix some ground cinnamon and chipotle chilli powder together. Pour the spice mix in the filling; the spiciness balances very well the richness and sweetness of the pumpkin.

How about some cheesecake?

For something radically different, how about not baking a pie at all? We have this amazing pumpkin-ginger cheesecake recipe on hand and it’s truly delicious. If you’ve had all the pumpkin pie you could have already, give it a try!

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