We’re throwing a contest to celebrate YP Grocery’s launch! Here’s the big idea:

Grocery shopping takes its toll on anyone’s budget

Did you know that the average Canadian household spends a little bit more than $8,000 on food alone every year? According to the most recent data released on the topic, close to 75% of that amount—$5,800, to be exact—is allotted to grocery shopping.

That’s a lot of money.

Luckily, there’s many a way to save on groceries, namely using YP Grocery to plan your grocery shopping (yeah, we’re shamelessly biased). The second-best idea, well, is to enter our…

Contest to win up to $1,500

Yes, you read that right: $1,500. That’s quite a load off your shoulders! Say yours is the average Canadian household of 2.5—which we hope isn’t so, nobody likes having half a human lying around somewhere—whose weekly grocery bill is the Canadian average of $112, that’s around 13 weeks of grocery shopping taken care of!

How to enter the contest

It’s quite easy: Just install YP Grocery on your smartphone—it’s on both the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store—and go through the onboarding process. From there, add a few products on your list, navigate the app and maybe add some loyalty cards. At some point, a pop-up will appear. Enter the contest, share it to improve your chances of winning and you’re done!

The prizes

1st prize: $1,500
2nd & 3rd prizes: $250

Wait no longer! Download YP Grocery now: The contest ends on January 18th!