Stay in touch with the YP Grocery team and be the first to know about the new features coming to your favourite grocery list app! Announcements are mainly about all the new stuff that’s going to come out on YP Shopwise – money-saving brand new features, news from the team and the projects we embark on, sweepstakes, contests, etc.

We’re also going to publish articles on here when updated versions of YP Grocery are released on both Apple’s App Stores and Google’s Play Store. New app in the Yellow Pages family? Highly likely that we’ll talk about it on here, too!

CONTEST: Fill the pantry with YP Grocery!

We’re throwing a contest to celebrate YP Grocery’s launch! Here’s the big idea: Grocery shopping takes its toll on anyone's budget Did you know that the average Canadian household spends a little bit more than $8,000 on food alone every year? According to the most recent data released on the topic, close to 75% of [...]


Welcome to the YP Grocery blog!

Hey there, new friend. So, you found out about us but still have questions? Here's all there is to know about Canada's best new grocery app! What is YP Grocery? Let’s kick things off with a little bit of info about us, shall we? We're an app, sure, but we're also a team of around 20 people [...]