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Ambroise Debret is Growth Hacker and Product Owner for YP Grocery and sometimes takes time to share hacks on how to save money on grocery!

5 Best Apps to Hack Grocery Shopping in Canada

While everyone want to optimized their grocery shopping and expenses, it's easy to get lost in the myriad of app options available out there. In 2017, we expect to have everything with us, anywhere we go with our smartphone. This is why we focused on mobile apps in this guide! After reading this guide, you'll [...]


3 hints for meal planning around supermarket sales

Meal planning can be a money-saving measure, especially when you plan your weekly meals around what's on sale at the grocery store. Here are 3 tips for being a savvy shopper and making the most of your grocery budget. 1. Manage your meals The first step in successful meal planning is having an easy-to-access list [...]


Shop savvy: are you making these 3 common grocery store blunders?

Avoid these common mistakes the next time you hit the grocery store. You'll increase your grocery shopping IQ, save money and give your waistline a break. Grocery shopping is simple — or is it? In fact, grocery shopping is only healthy for your body and your wallet if you are a conscientious shopper. Blunder #1: [...]