While everyone want to optimized their grocery shopping and expenses, it’s easy to get lost in the myriad of app options available out there.

In 2017, we expect to have everything with us, anywhere we go with our smartphone. This is why we focused on mobile apps in this guide!

After reading this guide, you’ll know which is the best app to use for any occasion whether it’s browsing and using coupons, building your grocery list with recipes, having a smart & shared grocery list comprised of deals, get cash back on your grocery, all while accumulating points!


Coupgon – Exclusive coupons on the go

It’s no big news that coupons can help you save big money in the long run. Fortunately for us, there’s an app for that!

Every Thursday, Coupgon features the newest coupons available in Canada. Browse coupons by category and dealer and simply “clip” those you want to buy (some can even be clipped more than once!). You will then be able to find them in the “Your Coupgons” section.

When at the store, simply tap the “Exchange now” button then “checkout” button, scan the cashier’s QR Code and start saving!

And a happy users reviews say it all:

“On my account it says I’ve saved $63 and that’s awesome… we like to take the kids out to their favourite restaurants with our extra savings.” Melanie R. Deer Lake, NL


Allrecipes – Recipes on the go

Are you the kind of person who relies on recipes to plan your grocery list?

Well, here our go-to recipe website is all recipes. No only does it feature an endless (50’000+), community-generated list of recipes but it also features a smart “ingredient list” and every recipe is rated and tested by the community!

Also, ingredients specifications and directions are cristal-clear which makes Allrecipes a true pleasure to cook with!

By the way, make sure to use Allrecipes’s easy-to-use apps when you’re on the go or rocking the kitchen.

YP Grocery – Your smart Grocery list

YP Grocery is THE new go-to app Canadians use to save money and time on grocery & pharmacy shopping.

Browse our 400+ flyers from 6000+ stores across Canada like never before with our enhanced experience.


  • Smart grocery lists that find deals from your favorite stores for you;
  • Shared grocery lists to collaborate with your spouse, children, family & friends;
  • Virtual loyalty card wall so that you never miss out on bonus points;
  • A new flyer browsing experience;
  • A wide selection of grocery and pharmacy stores across Canada;
  • Exclusive saving tips and resources on our website, newsletter and social media accounts;
  • Android-first user experience;
  • And even more to come!

Here’s what one of the users even said about YP Grocery:

“Best app to save money and manage lists I had downloaded grocery apps of each grocery store but with this app I see flyers and deals from all grocery stores inside one app. Hence I deleted all the other apps. I like the intelligent list that shows deals on items in the list. The grocery list shared and updated by multiple users is an awesome feature.”

Try it for yourself: It’s available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Checkout 51 – Send your receipt and get money back

Checkout 51 features every Thursday a list of new offers you can choose from, buy them at any store and get paid back. That’s right, upload your receipts into the app and when your account reaches $20, they’ll send you a check!

And with a 4+ stars out of 5 rating by more than 46’00- users on the Google Play store, you can be sure it works!


Ugo Wallet – Get  your loyalty points without carrying cards

Lighten your wallet with Ugo app. Upload your cards by scanning them or keying in the number and you’re all set.

When in store, just pull your app, have the cashier scan it and accumulate points!

You can even upload your gift cards, membership cards (think Costco), receipts so that you have them with you, wherever you are!



With those 5 handy apps, you’ll be all set to optimize how much you save at the grocery everytime you go! You’ll know be able to do everything you need to plan your grocery shopping as well as save time and money in-store, namely:

  • Browsing and using coupons with Coupgon;
  • Building your grocery list with recipes from Allrecipes;
  • Having a smart & shared YP Grocery list comprised of deals;
  • Get cash back on your grocery;
  • All while accumulating points!


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